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How do I add or edit Projects in Green Room?

You can easily add new Projects or update existing Projects and their Members and Roles from the Settings tab.

Watch this video to learn how to add an additional Project in Green Room. Or read the steps below. 

  1. From the dashboard click Settings. 
  2. Click Projects then + Create New Project. 
  3. Add the Stage name for the Project and click Save. 
  4. Next Click on that Project and add Project Members and Project Roles from their respective tabs. 
  5. Additional Detail on Creating Project Members
    1. When you click + Create Project Member, you are asked to input Name and Email. While email is optional, it is necessary if you want your Project Members to be able to log in later and see the events they have been added to. You can also add or edit emails later. 

      You can add as many Project Members as you want at this point or come back and add more later in the settings tab.
  6. Additional details about adding Project Roles. 
    Let's look at an example: If your Project is a bluegrass trio that consists of guitar, mandolin, and fiddle, then the Roles should be Guitar, Mandolin, and Fiddle. Like this: