How do I edit events in Green Room?

In this article, we cover how to update and edit events in Green Room.

Editing events in Green Room is as simple as selecting the event you'd like to make changes to and clicking Edit. You will be in the same view as when you created the event and can add additional details or change items you already put in. 

Some situations in which you might want to edit an event are:

  • You received additional information from the venue about sound check or load-in and want to make sure you have that in Green Room so you can refer back to it. If you have people added to the event they will also be able to see these details. 
  • You were paid for the event. After getting paid it is best practice to edit the event to add the details of when you are paid. 
  • You have lined up people to fulfill the roles for an event. This is a perfect example of when to edit an event so you can track who performed with you for which events and they can see details of the events as well.